Thursday, September 8, 2016

Re: IRC SIG needs external oversight

On 09/03/2016 03:00 PM, Be wrote:
> The culture on the Fedora IRC channels is hostile and unwelcoming. I
> recently asked for technical help in #fedora and most of the responses
> were insults. I went to #fedora-ops to report the offending user and was
> horrified to see that the user is one of the IRC operators. So, I found
> the link to the IRC issue tracker
> <> in the #fedora channel topic
> and reported my experience at
> <>

This has been a problem for *YEARS*. I've been through the same exact
situation multiple times, I dutifully followed their process of filing a
grievance ticket etc. multiple times, and it ended up nowhere.

Good luck to you for trying, but honestly, it's a lost cause. On any
Fedora projects I work on particularly websites I am sure to avoid
listing that channel or giving it any kind of official blessing, and I
also orient the many new contributors I help onboard by warning them to
stay away from it.

My life has been much happier and better for never going back there
again, and it's shameful that it's continued to operate under the name
of Fedora. I lobbied very hard to change the situation back then and got
nowhere - there are politics here that prevent any sort of cleanup as
far as I can tell. If I had the permissions with freenode, I'd just have
the channel completely obliterated.

I do not say *any* of this lightly.

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