Thursday, June 1, 2017

[389-users] Replication strategy

I have been using 389 for a while and so far my replication strategy is:

389 <=> AD
 Replicating whole domain

 - OU=user
 - OU=people
 - OU=apps
 - OU=externos

But this specific "OU=externos" does not exists on AD side (and I need to keep this).

My version in production is:
389-Directory/ B2014.201.1231

And I have no problem on this scenario.

I'm testing newer versions of 389 (to update my production version) and I realized, maybe, that's not the better strategy. Why? Because 389 fails to start the full replication when the OU just exists on 389 side (

So, can you give a clue what should I do when I need a specific OU to be outside of my replication?


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