Friday, September 8, 2023

Re: Please help translate the new installer interface

Hi Adam, your message is really welcome!

the place to translate is

Le 08/09/2023 à 22:05, Adam Williamson a écrit :
> ... it would be awesome if folks do have the time to work on these translations before we get to Final

as you are involved in release lifecycle Adam, let's highlight an issue
we don't discuss much:

we can see the F39 branch were added 11 days ago:

and that changes still apply:

while the Fedora schedule tells us Software Translation Deadline is
august 22nd:

A few Improvement ideas would be:

* have deadline communicated by dev teams (here, what's the translation
deadline for Anaconda?)

* have a common guideline for all fedora-synchronized release software
(software list to be elaborated)

> The installer team tells me there shouldn't be *too* much change
> to the strings between now and then, so the work shouldn't be wasted.

well, I can still see 810 words changes, on 90 languages it is a lot,
but this is another discussion ;)

> If anyone's also on the GNOME translation teams, there's a new screen
> at the end of gnome-initial-setup - "Try or Install" in English,
> replacing the 'welcome screen' we had on live boot before - which is
> also missing translations in some key languages (inc. French and
> Japanese).

Component is here:

software translation deadline is September 13th, according to

Have a nice day,

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