Friday, February 9, 2024

[fedora-arm] Re: How to install on soldered eMMC storage?

> Nowadays several SBC devices provide eMMC storage soldered and no longer removable. How to install on this?

This is not a new thing.

> My first idea was to first install on mSD card, boot, and from this repeat the installation with the eMMC target. But this doesn't work at least with Server. It complains about duplicate UUID partition and aborts.

What do you mean by "repeat the installation" in this context. I have
used this way in the past, but at times the way I deal with this on
weird devices I am boot strapping may not what we want to propose.

> Do we need an additional target, e.g. (configured)disk.img that we can push via OTG to the eMMC?

What do you mean by this?

> Or any other, better, easier idea?

This can be very device, or at the very least SoC specific.

There are some devices where you can put it into a mode where the eMMC
can be exported as a USB gadget storage device where you can just use
arm-image-installer to write directly to eMMC over USB.

There's others where you can use a special tool to basically dd
something to the storage using their special protocol over USB.

Because there's no one single way to do it I always just put it on the
back burner because I've never had the time to look at a holistic way
of making all the options available to users via a single tool front

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