Friday, February 9, 2024

[fedora-arm] Re: How to install on soldered eMMC storage?

El vie,  9 de feb de 2024 a las 11:52:21 AM, Peter Boy
<> escribió:
> My first idea was to first install on mSD card, boot, and from this
> repeat the installation with the eMMC target.

Which tool are you using to install the OS image to your media (mSD,

> But this doesn't work at least with Server. It complains about
> duplicate UUID partition and aborts.

What you can do is: Install an OS image to the mSD different from the
one that you want on the eMMC (maybe use Fedora Minimal, or even a
different OS), then boot from your mSD, and write your desired image to
the eMMC using something like `dd`. This way would not be a duplicated

That's how I did on my Pinebook Pro, which does have a removable eMMC,
but I didn't want to disasemble the computer.

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